Use Ebook Publishing to Publish Your Book

Ebook publishing has revolutionized the world of book publishing. It used to be that if you wanted to become a published author, you had to find a literary agent willing to represent you, write a convincing book proposal and some sample chapters, and then wait for your agent to find a publisher willing to work with you. This process could take months, if not years, and in the end up you could very well end up without a book deal.

Today, it’s a whole lot different because of ebooks. Now, becoming a published author is within the reach of anyone with a completed book manuscript. In other words, ebooks have democratized book publishing.

So who should consider ebook publishing? You are an excellent candidate for the process if you are:

• A business owner who would like to use a book to help market your services.

• A professional who wants to use a book as a vehicle for becoming a Recognized Expert -- someone the media turn to for quotes and interviews related to your area of expertise -- and/or for increasing your opportunities to give speeches, be a panelist, and so on.

• An unpublished novelist

The process for turning your book idea into an ebook is relatively easy. Warning! Writing your book may be your biggest challenge.

Here is a short step-by-step overview of what it takes to publish your own ebook:

1. Write your book in Word. Then get your completed manuscript professionally edited to ensure that it’s problem-free.

2. Get a cover for your book designed.

3. Apply for an ISBN (short for International Standard Book Number, a 10-digit number that identifies your book) and get your book copyrighted.

4. Convert your final book into a PDF file.

5. Decide how you will sell your book. Your options (and they are not mutually exclusive) include:

-- Processing sales via PayPal at your current web site or at a new site dedicated to your book

-- Formatting your book so it can be sold for the Kindle, the iPad and other ereaders

-- Arranging to have, and other online bookstores ell your book

If you want help getting your book published, you can work with an ebook publisher, like Among other things, Smashwords will publish your book for free and will make sure that the book is available for sale at major online bookstores. In exchange, it will take a percentage of your sales revenue.

Of course, once your book is published, you’ll need to market it to potential buyers. Book marketing, including traditional book publicity and an aggressive online marketing effort that may include a blog tour, blogging at your web site, the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords, online articles, webinars, message boards and more, is essential.

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