The Radio Host Who Compared Me To Lee Harvey Oswald

by Erin Lale
(Henderson, NV)

My official campaign photo

My official campaign photo

It was during my campaign for Nevada State Assembly last year (2010.) I went onto a radio show to be interviewed about my campaign, knowing that the host had endorsed one of my opponents (I had two), and I thought I was prepared. But I was thrown off when the host compared me to Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin, because I had taken a Russian language course at a university in the Soviet Union. I stumbled and just went totally robotic. The very next thing he asked me about was Asatru, as I am an "out" heathen and the author of a book on the subject. And I was still in so much shock I completely missed an opportunity to promote my book. I didn't even think of it until the next day.

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