Social Media Marketing. Don't Overemphasize It!

With all of the attention being paid to social media marketing these days, it’s easy to overemphasize its importance and forget that more traditional, tried and true marketing tools can be very effective as well. Sure, social media marketing is important, but for it to have the greatest impact, it should be part of a well-conceived and well-executed marketing program that employs a variety of tools. In other words, it should not be the only thing your marketing focuses on nor should it necessarily be the most important part of your marketing efforts. In the end, social media marketing is just one more tool in your marketing toolbox.

The most effective marketing programs utilize a variety of activities and integrate all those activities together for maximum impact. To get you thinking, here are some traditional marketing activities you may want to pursue in addition to your social media marketing efforts:

Build a great web site that is easy to navigate, attractively designed and full of good information. Make your site more than just a sales pitch for your business.

Get quoted in magazine or newspaper articles.

Do radio and TV interviews.

Write op ed pieces. The try to get them published in newspapers that members of your target audience read.

Become a guest columnist.

Send periodic enewsletters. Fill them with interesting and useful information to your clients and potential clients.

Plan a series of mailings that include something members of your target audience will truly value –practical tips, a special report, an invitation, a special offer. In other words, make the mailings more than just another sales pitch.

Put on a workshop.

Host a webinar.

Sponsor a special event with appeal to your target audience.

Volunteer to help with a nonprofit’s event.

Ask for referrals from your clients, former clients and other professionals.

Do joint promotions with businesses that serve clients similar to yours.

Say thanks to your clients by writing them personalized notes or doing something special for them. People don't say thank you often enough these days.

Write a book (or have someone ghost a book for you).

Give speeches.

Underwrite a popular program on your public radio station.

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