Press Kit

A press kit, also referred to as a media kit, is a set of materials about your business, an event you are planning, a book you have written, or about you.

The materials in your press will vary depending on what it's promoting. However, they might include: a press release, bio, fact sheet, time line, page of reviews or testimonials, brochure, photo, copies of positive print attention, a DVD, and so on.

You can either use your laser printer to run off all of your press kit materials or you can have them professionally copied or printed. Put the materials in two-pocket folders. If you want to spend the money, you can have folders custom-designed and printed; however, you can purchase good quality two-pocket folders at your local Staples or Office Max for a lot less.

Here are some of the things you can do with your press kit:

Introduce your business to the media you want attention from.

Inform selected media about an upcoming event your business is sponsoring and encourage them to cover the event.

Educate potential customers about your business. For example, you might hand out press kits at a trade show or conference you are participating in, at an opening for your business, an event your business is sponsoring, and so on.

Introduce yourself to selected media if you want to become a Recognized Expert – someone the media turn to when they want a quote or interview about a subject related to your area of expertise.

Provide information to book reviewers and other media about a new book you’ve written.

Many business and individuals are adding an online press kit to their web sites.

Much of the same information that is in your traditional press kit belongs in your online press kit. However, the press kit on your web site can also include other kinds of information, like live links to videos of the TV interviews you’ve done, podcasts of radio shows you were a guest on, YouTube videos, and so on.

In addition to being able to include live links, an online press kit offers a number of other advantages:

It's quick, easy and cheap to update the materials in an online press kit.

Journalists, potential clients and anyone else can access the materials in your online press kit whenever they want.

You can email the materials in your online press kit to the media, interested individuals, and so on.

Read this article if you need help writing and/or formatting a press release.

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