My Public Relations Packages Offer Something for Everyone

Purchasing one of my public relations packages is an affordable way to improve your small business marketing.

Public Relations Starter Kit

My Starter Kit is an inexpensive ($1,000, plus expenses), low-risk way for you to get a sense of what public relations can do for your business and to judge whether my firm is the right pr agency for you.

If you purchase the Public Relations Starter Kit, I will:

• Write one press release for you.

• Send the release to up to 10 members of the media -- local and/or national depending on the subject of your release.

• Contact each media person up to 3 times to try to arrange as much media attention for the subject of your release as possible.

Note: My Public Relations Starter Kit is available as a one-time purchase only.

Get-the-Word-Out Package

Do you have an event, a new product or new service, a new book or a company milestone that you want to publicize on a one-time basis?If yes, then consider my Get-the-Word-Out Package.

I will determine the exact price of your Get-the-Word-Out Package on a case-by-case basis, but it will range from $1,500 to $3,000, plus expenses. Half of the fee will be due up front with the balance due once I've completed your campaign.

Here’s what I will do if you purchase my Get-the-Word-Out Package:

• Draft a press release announcing your news.

• Create your firm's press release distribution list, which will include at least 20 different media assuming your news has local as well as national publicity potential, or at least 10 different media if your news is strictly local. Media may include radio, print, TV and online media, depending on the nature of your news.

• Follow up with the media up to 3 times to secure as much attention for your business as possible.

• Prepare a written report at the end of your campaign. The report will summarize the results of your campaign, make suggestions for things you ought to do differently in any subsequent pr campaigns, and advise you about future public relations initiatives you may want to consider.

The Total Package

This is for those of you who want to make public relations an integral and on-going part of your small business marketing. When you purchase The Total Package I will work with you on an monthly retainer basis with the goal of generating as much ongoing publicity for your firm as possible.

The cost of The Total Package for your business will range from $2500/month to $10,000/month plus expenses, depending on your public relations goals, potential, and budget.

After we’ve discussed those three factors, I will:

• Prepare a free detailed proposal that will recommend using some of these services to achieve your pr goals.

• Implement my proposal, once we’ve agreed on the terms of our relationship, including its duration and my monthly fee.

Public Relations A La Carte

Prefer to pick the specific services you’d like me to provide or to have me suggest the ones that are best for you once I understand your marketing challenges, needs and goals? Purchase my services A La Carte.

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