How I Used My Marketing Financial Services Know-How to Help One Company Succeed

Here's how my marketing financial services assistance helped one company distinguish itself from its competitors and increase its revenue in less than a year:

Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) helps consumer and small business owners with too much debt negotiate settlements with their unsecured creditors. This extremely consumer-centric business has been a stand out in an industry known for unethical dealings with customers and for frequently making their clients’ financial situations worse not better. Yet, when I began working with CRN, it had a very low profile and was virtually unknown to the media.

The marketing financial services program I planned and managed for CRN, which included press releases, e-mail pitches to a targeted group of media and interviews for Michael Bovee, CRN’s president, began to build the company’s visibility and reputation. As it did, Bovee not only had an opportunity to differentiate his company from other debt settlement firms and educate consumers as well as the media about when settlement is an appropriate debt management option and how to choose a reputable firm to work with, but it also turned him into a nationally recognized expert on settlement -- someone the national media interviewed regularly on the subject.

Here are some of the media that Bovee did interviews with as a result of my efforts: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnists like Liz Pulliam Weston and Kathy Kristoff, Home and Family Finance Radio (a Credit Union National Association radio show),,, and He has also been interviewed by the Detroit Free Press, the Washington Times, the Chicago Tribune, and by local radio stations around the country. Whenever Bovee did media interviews, his business saw increased traffic on its web site from individuals and small business owners who were interested in its settlement services.

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