My Marketing and PR Services

Marketing and PR --Keys to Success in Today's Tough Market

I love using marketing and pr to help my clients get their new businesses off the ground or to them make their existing businesses more successful. In part, I attribute the results I achieve to the close working relationships I establish with my clients.

My Marketing and PR Services Include:

Marketing plan development and implementation. Effective marketing starts with a written plan. To achieve your goals you must know where you want to go and have a sensible road map for getting there. Otherwise, your efforts are apt to be haphazard, inconsistent, wasteful (of time and money) and frustrating.

Local and national publicity. I have a great track record generating media attention for my clients. That attention has included interviews with The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The New York Times, Forbes, and Money and with writers for MSNMoney, Associated Press,, and, as well as interviews on CNN, CNBC, NCB, ABC, NPR and American Public Radio, among others. I also have secured countless interviews for clients with state and national trade publications and with local media.

Doing media interviews is an excellent tool to add to your firm's marketing mix. Not only is it a cost-effective way to build awareness of your product or service, but it’s also one of the best things you can do if you want to become a recognized expert in your field – someone members of the media turn to when they want a quote related to your area of expertise.

Social media campaigns. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with your clients and potential clients via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any business' market mix. Social media sites provide you with the opportunity to communicate very directly and personally with members of your audience, to gather useful market research information for your firm, and to convey news and information. And, being active on social media sites helps with your website's SEO too.

Press releases. I’ve written countless press releases and fact sheets for clients. I’ve also helped clients with their press release distribution to ensure that they contact the media most apt to be interested in what they want publicized.

Content development. I can write your basic website copy and I can also keep it fresh by writing articles and blog posts that will engage and inform members of your target market. If you want your site to rank well with the search engines, a constant flow of new content is imperative.

Website critques and suggestions for improvement. And, I can help you develop a site for your firm if it does not have one yet. A good website is not an option; it's a marketing must-have.

Copy writing. Hate writing? I love it! I have experience writing enewsletters, magazine articles, and blogs, as well as website copy.

Also, I have worked as a book ghost writer for numerous business owners. The books I have written for my clients have helped them highlight their professional knowledge and expertise, enhance their professional reputations, and distinguish their businesses from the competition. I've helped clients publish e books and print on demand books and I've also helped them land contracts with traditional book publishing companies.

Speaking engagements. Speaking to the right groups is a very direct way to market your business and your expertise and to generate publicity about yourself and your firm.

Event planning. Whether it’s a webinar, a reception, a charitable event, or something else, when it comes to events, the devil is in the details. No matter how large or small, for an event to be a positive part of your marketing mix it must be well-planned and well executed. In other words, event planning takes time, something that is often in short supply in a small business. Leave the organization and details of your event to me.

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"For anyone who is seeking a highly skilled, productive and committed public relations firm, I HIGHLY recommend Mary's firm. You will never be disappointed."

Phil Cioppa, Global Financial Expert, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Arbol Financial Strategies, LLC