My 12 Top Tips for Marketing Your Law Firm

With more than 1 million attorneys in the U.S. and approximately 45,000 individuals graduating from law schools every year, law firm marketing isn’t an option. It’s essential!

To help you market your firm more effectively, I've created a Free Special Report that presents my 12 top tips for marketing your law firm. My tips are practical and proven. The report also provides specific examples of how other businesses have used and benefited from my tips.

Here are just a few of the subjects my report covers:

• Creating an effective law firm web site

• Building a powerful brand for your law firm

• Using press releases to keep your firm in the news

• Becoming someone the media want to talk to when they are looking for an interview or quote related to your legal areas of expertise

• Writing a book on a topic related to your legal practice and using it to help market your firm

• Developing and implementing a sensible social media strategy

• Telling real life stories to showcase your law firm's success helping clients

Download my Free Special Report now and begin implementing my advice today!

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