Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

When you’re making resolutions to improve your personal life in 2012, why not resolve to improve your business marketing too? For example, you may want to resolve to:

1. Improve your website. Is your site generating steady traffic that translates into new clients for your firm? If not, it’s time to figure out why and address the problems. Possible culprits include: poor design and/or badly written copy; content that doesn’t connect with your audience and rarely if ever changes; navigation issues; and optimization problems. If your site falls short, resolve to figure out why and then to fix the problems in 2012.

2. Rethink your blog. A blog is a great way to add quality content to your web site – content that will not only improve your site’s search engine ranking, but will also provide your firm with an inexpensive means of regularly reminding members of your target audience about your firm’s knowledge and expertise. Far too many blogs however, don’t get the job done because they’re boring, irrelevant, updated infrequently, or because they are started and then forgotten. Make 2012 the year that you truly tap the potential of blogging.

3. Communicate better. You have many ways to communicate with members of your market and most of them are easy and don’t cost a lot. One way (in addition to a blog) is to publish an e-newsletter, but be sure to make your newsletter something that people will actually read by filling it with useful, timely articles, interesting facts, reviews of books you think your audience will find of value, and with news about upcoming events your firm is planning. Also, using social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (depending on your market) is another effective communication tool and a great way to spark conversations your current clients as well as potential new ones. A sound social media strategy can pay your firm dividends in 2012 and beyond.

4. Become a media resource. Identify local and national journalists as well as TV and radio shows that focus on topics related to your areas of expertise. Let them know that you’re available whenever they need an expert to interview about those topics. Periodically, you can also email them short, well-thought out suggestions for stories they may want to pursue or interviews they may want to do. Being quoted as an expert in magazines, newspapers and on popular websites and doing TV and radio interviews is an effective way to showcase your knowledge and increase your visibility. So, take steps now to become a media star in 2012.

5. Write a book. A well-done book that appeals to members of your target audience is a great business marketing tool. Not only can it help position you as an expert in your field, but if your book is well-publicized, it can also lead to media interviews, speeches, and seminars, not to mention new clients. Make 2012 the year that you become a published author!

6. Amp up your customer service. In these competitive times, your firm’s customer service must be more than good enough. It needs to be stellar! The little extras you offer can make the difference between clients continuing their relationships with you or taking their business somewhere else and to your attracting a steady flow of new clients or not having enough. What can you do in 2012 to make your business a customer service superstar?

7. Have a plan. Marketing without a plan is like driving down the highway with your eyes closed. It’s not going to go well! A written marketing plan that sets out clear, realistic goals and objectives and details how you will achieve them is essential to ensuring that every precious dollar you spend on marketing really counts. Begin 2012 with a plan that defines where you want to take your business in the new year and that lays our how you will get there.

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