Marketing for Financial Advisors

Effective Marketing for Financial Advisors is Key to Having a Successful Practice

The right marketing mix will make consumers aware of your services, like retirement planning, investing advice, and wealth management services; help your business stand out from the crowd; and help you convey to members of your target market that you are the financial advisor who can help them secure their financial futures.

Talk to me about how I can put my marketing for financial advisors skills, my knowledge about a wide range of financial planning topics, and my excellent personal finance media contacts to work for you!

Here are some of the things I can do for you:

• Write a marketing plan for your firm. Among other things, the plan will tell you what to do when and will help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

• Help position you as a local and/or national expert on consumer money matters, wealth building, retirement planning, and the like. I will do this by generating media interviews for you and booking speeches, among other things.

• Write your website content or revise your existing content if the traffic to your site is poor. I can also improve your Google ranking by constantly adding interesting articles and blog posts to your site.

• Plan and manage your social media campaigns on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

• Write your firm’s enewsletters.

• Ghost write books and articles in your name. For example, you may want to let visitors to your site download free e books on topics related to your practice as a way to educate them about why they need your services and to help differentiate yourself from the competition. I’ve ghosted numerous books as well as articles.

• Plan events to help promote your practice and generate media attention for them. Possible events include speakers series, seminars, panel discussions, receptions, and benefits for the nonprofit organizations you support.

Go here for a more complete description of all of my services.

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"Mary has high expectations for herself as a public relations and marketing professional and everything she delivers is of the highest quality."

Karen McCall, Founder & Owner, Financial Recovery Institute, San Francisco, CA