Marketing Coaching

You are the perfect candidate for my marketing coaching services if:

• You don't have much money to spend, but you need help with your small business marketing.

• You want to handle your own marketing, but with a marketing mentor by your side to help you minimize any missteps.

Whether you run an established small business or you are in start up mode, hiring me as your marketing mentor can be a wise decision. For example, I can help you:

Establish your marketing goals and objectives.

Map out a doable marketing plan of action. You can implement the plan yourself or with my guidance and help.

Brainstorm solutions to your marketing problems. The solutions I suggest will be practical, sensible and affordable.

Your marketing stay focused and on track.

Ensure that all of your written information appeals to your target audience and is grammatically correct. This include your web site copy, press releases, fact sheets, white papers, e-newsletters, and the like.

Write compelling media pitches. What you say in your pitch can make the difference between members of the media wanting to interview you what you are pitching and not giving it the time of day.

Determine who in the media to target for interviews.

Prepare you for any media interviews you may schedule. Doing media interviews can be nerve-wracking if you are not sure what to say and what to expect, and blowing an interview can be disastrous.

>Help you with your social media marketing. For example, I can help you become active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and make social media an integral part of your marketing mix.

Build your own marketing capacity.

Here is some nice attention that my coaching service received not long ago in an Austin Business Journal blog.

Scheduling and Paying For a Coaching Session With Me

You can purchase my coaching services in increments of 15 minutes. Each 15-minute increment is worth $37.50. Your payment for the amount of time you purchase is due up-front via PayPal.

Once you've purchased your time with me, be sure to click on the Contact Me tab here on my site, which will take you to a form to complete. Fill in all of the required information so I can get in touch with you to set up your initial coaching session.

If you are not sure how much time you need or if you want to ask me some questions about my coaching services, fill out the Contact Me form. Once I've spoken with you, return to this page to purchase the amount of time we've agreed on.

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