Law Firm Marketing

My Law Firm Marketing Ideas Can Increase the Success of Your Firm

If you are like most of the law firms I talk to, you’re experiencing more competition than ever before. As a result, you are scrambling harder than ever for clients. Yet, despite your best efforts, your margins may be shrinking.

What’s the answer? Thriving in today’s competitive environment takes effective law firm marketing in addition to providing your clients with high quality services and superior customer care.

In other words, you must do more and better law firm marketing. You must make it an ongoing priority for your firm. You can no longer afford to market when you can or when you think about it.

But, you went to law school to learn to be an attorney, not a marketer, right? In other words, you are not an expert at:

• preparing a law firm marketing plan

• writing compelling web site content that attracts prospects

• generating local and national publicity for your firm

• planning and managing social media campaigns

• organizing events

• writing engaging, informative enewsletters

and more

As an experienced legal marketing expert, I understand the challenges you face. Over the years, my marketing services have helped firms in a wide variety of practice areas, including divorce, bankruptcy, consumer law, estate planning, and asset protection planning, become more successful.

Recently for example, I:

Prepared a web site content outline and wrote new copy for a law firm that wanted to completely redo its site.

Introduced a consumer law attorney to the media in his area as well as to the national media. My goal is to begin securing ongoing interviews for the attorney related to his legal areas of expertise in an effort to help him become more visible within his market and nationally, drive more traffic to his web site, and generate more clients for his firm.

Finished ghost writing a book on asset protection planning. The firm will use the book as a tool for educating current and potential future clients about the whys and hows of asset protection planning so that it can increase its business in this area.

Wrote a press release for a law firm. The release generated attention for the firm from local media in its area as well as from a national wire service.

And, here is how I helped another lawyer.

Get in touch if you would like to chat about your business, its goals, challenges, and its marketing budget and how I can help you meet them. After we talk, I will prepare a detailed marketing proposal (at no cost to you) that outlines what I recommend doing to help achieve your law firm marketing goals.

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"Mary's marketing services were instrumental in helping me build a successful four-office consumer bankruptcy practice in South Texas and her public relations and ghostwriting services helped me become a nationally-known bankruptcy and consumer law attorney."

John Ventura, Former Owner, Law Offices of John Ventura, South Texas