How My Legal Marketing Ideas Helped One of My Lawyer Clients

My legal marketing ideas and and law firm marketing services helped a Texas bankruptcy attorney build the most successful bankruptcy practice in his market and become a nationally-known authority on consumer bankruptcy and consumer law. At the same time, I also helped him develop a successful career as an author of books on personal finance and everyday consumer legal matters.

On the local level, I wrote a small business legal column in the attorney's name that ran in a local business journal for six years. The column showcased the attorney's knowledge and expertise and kept the name of his law firm name in front of business owners in his area. I also wrote press releases for the law firm and secured local print, TV and radio interviews for the attorney.

Nationally, I helped the attorney secure a series of book deals with well-known publishers, ghostwrote the books for him, and then planned and managed national publicity campaigns to help promote each book. As a result of my book publicity efforts, he was a guest on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and American Public Radio’s MarketPlace Morning among other national radio shows, did interviews on CNN, CNBC and Fox, and was quoted in Newsweek, Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, among many other national publications. He was also interviewed by newspapers in major markets and booked as a guest on nationally-syndicated radio shows across the country.

Eventually, because of all of this media attention, the lawyer became a recognized expert -- someone that the members of the media sought out when they wanted to speak with an expert about topics related to his areas of expertise.

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