Going On Air Naked! (Well Almost)

by HD Is Not My Friend

I had a very early interview scheduled with an NYC station. I never leave the house without make up, but they had told me they would be providing someone to do it for me, so I went to the station with not a stitch of anything on my face.

Initially the make up artist was put out, telling the assistant who took me back I wasn't on her schedule. I had brought mine along (just in case - ALWAYS do this women!) and offered to do it myself but she told me she would fit me in.

I sat in the green room waiting and watching the clock ticking. My segment was coming up very shortly so I finally decided to do it myself. Just as I stood to find a mirror, the make up artist came to get me.

She sat me in her chair, and no sooner did she open a foundation than the studio assistant rushed in saying I needed to be in the studio NOW! I must have had a completely panicked look on my face because the make up artist, said "Don't worry, I'll fix it."

As far as I was concerned, they were asking me to go on camera naked.

So the make up artist followed me into the studio and as they were putting on my mic she was throwing make up on my face. Two minutes later I was live on television - in HD of course.

I haven't had the heart to watch the clip, but someone else who saw it said they didn't notice anything unusual.

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