Go the Extra Mile with Your Marketing

In addition to providing your clients with high quality services, let them know that they really matter, that you truly value the fact that they spend their money with you and not with your competition, by adding a few well-conceived extras to your marketing mix. If done well, your efforts to go the extra mile will help generate repeat business and referrals for your firm.

Here is how two firms I do business with ensure that their clients know they are appreciated:

My estate planning law firm. This firm organizes three special events throughout the year for its clients and their families and friends – a Christmas time buffet and chocolate extravaganza at an historic old home, a Springtime wine and cheese tasting at a wildflower center, and free tickets every Summer to watch our local AAA professional baseball team play. If all of this was not enough, whenever someone I refer to the firm becomes a client, the firm hires a local bakery firm to deliver to my door a box of still-warm cookies and a pint of locally-made ice cream. Just the thought of those cookies makes me want to spread the word about the firm and its services!

My hair salon. The salon makes getting a cut and color a truly relaxing experience by providing its patrons with free wine and fruit-infused water, head and neck massages during their shampoos, lavender-scented hot towel conditioning treatments, and complementary hand massages, all in a beautiful, low key environment. Best of all, the salon does not charge an arm and a leg for its services and has eliminated tipping so its patrons can enjoy their salon experience without worrying about how much they should tip everyone.

What do you do to let your clients know how important they are to you? What could you do?

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