Free Press Release Format

Use my free press release format to write your own release. Although there are a variety of different release formats, I like this one and have used it successfully for many years.

Put your release on company letterhead and keep the release as short as possible – 1 page is best. If your release will not fit on a single page, put “-over-“ at the bottom of the first page (center the word) and then continue your release on the reverse side.

Warning! Don't turn your release into an advertisement. A release should convey newsworthy information. If it does not, the media will ignore it.

For Immediate Release

For More Information, Contact
Name, Name of Company
Email Address, Phone Number with Area Code

Headline. (Make your headline attention-grabbing; capitalize the first letter in each word; bold and center the words; and make the headline font size two points larger than font size in the body copy of your release. You can add a subtitle if you want. I use a font size for the subtitle that is smaller than the headline's.)

First Paragraph of Release. (This paragraph should convey the most important and most basic information about the subject of the release – who, what, when, where and why. Begin your first paragraph with this information all in bold: City, State, Date of Release…)

The Rest of Your Release. (The other paragraphs in your release should further develop the basic information introduced in the first paragraph, with each subsequent paragraph containing increasingly less important information. I like to elaborate on information in that first paragraph by including at least one quote in the second or third paragraph of my releases. Usually the quote is from the individual most knowledgeable about the subject of the release.)

The Very Last Paragraph of Your Release. (This final paragraph should describe and position your firm. Keep it short.)

At the end of your final paragraph, hit “Return” a couple times and then type in this symbol “###.” Center the symbol on the page.

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