Boost the Impact of Traditional Marketing Using Social Media

Although social media offer exciting new options for marketing yourself, your business or your book, tried and true traditional marketing activities can still get the job done in many, many instances. However, you can boost the impact of your traditional marketing efforts by injecting some social media marketing into the mix. And, you don’t have to be a social media marketing maven to achieve great results. For example, here are a few SUPER SIMPLE examples of what I am talking about. (Social media marketing mavens take note! You’d be surprised how many businesses and authors I encounter who are doing little or nothing with social media. This advice is for them.)

Line up interviews on radio and TV. Extend the impact of your time in the media limelight by posting links to podcasts of your radio interviews and to videos of your TV interviews on your Facebook page, on LinkedIn, and Twitter. (Don’t forget to post the links in your web site newsroom too.)

Schedule interviews with print journalists. People still read newspapers and magazines, even if a growing number of them do it on their computers or using a Kindle or iPad. Time and time again, I see the effect that print attention can have on a client’s business or on the sales of a client’s book, so augment that impact by posting a link to the article where you are featured on your social media sites.

Begin an enewsletter to educate and inform your clients and potential clients. A regular newsletter full of useful, actionable information can be a great way to secure your relationship with your existing clients and to help you develop new ones. Post a short excerpt from each newsletter or highlights from the newsletter on your social media sites together with a link to the complete newsletter.

Give talks. Start out local by speaking to groups in your area, if you don’t have a lot of public speaking experience, and once you’ve gained experience and confidence, consider securing bookings for yourself with statewide, regional or even national groups. Whenever you schedule a speech, use social media to promote it and afterwards, post a link to a video of your talk on social media sites. By the way, consider enriching the content of your talk with related stats and other insights that you’ve gathered by conducting informal surveys using Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

Write a regular newspaper column. Dailies, weeklies and monthlies are often interested in good content created by a local expert, especially if they can run the content for free. Post an interesting snippet from each of your columns, together with a link to the entire column, on social media sites so that people who are not regular readers of the publication where your column appears, or who are not in the publication’s market, can read your words of wisdom.

Plan a special event with appeal to members of your target market, or help underwrite an existing event in your community. Then in addition to getting the word out about the event in the usual ways -- using press releases, doing media interviews, putting up posters, and the like – create a page for your event on Facebook and ask people to become fans, Twitter about the event, and so on. (Authors: This will work equally well for you if you'll be doing a signing, a reading or participating in a book festival.) Also, use a Flip camera during your event to create a video of your interviews with attendees and then post the video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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