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If you're like most new authors who've been published by a traditional publisher, you've learned the harsh truth. Your publisher will do very little to help sell your book. You are expected to do that. But, you're a writer, not a marketing professional!

And if you've just published your book as an e book or print on-demand book, you're probably wondering "Now what?". How do I let book buyers know about my book? Or maybe you've begun reading book marketing newsletters, blogs and web site articles and are feeling slightly overwhelmed by everything you've learned you ought to be doing.

Leave your book marketing to me! I've been marketing books for more than 25 years and my book marketing services include:

• Setting up websites for authors and helping them use social media to promote their books. Establishing an online presence is an integral part of book marketing.

• Writing press materials. Press materials include press releases, fact sheets, Q & A's, and more.

• Arranging author interviews. My authors have received attention from such national media as NPR, American Public Radio, CNN, CNBC, The Fox News Channel,The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine,, and I've also secured media attention for my authors from numerous local radio stations, newspapers, nationally-syndicated columnists, key trade publications and book reviewers.

• Arranging blog tours. Attention from book bloggers is growing in importance.

• Using books to position authors as nationally recognized authorities in their fields. One of my goals is to position an author as an expert to whom members of the media will turn long after the author's book has been published.

• Planning book signings, receptions and other events to help promote books. I also publicize these events.

Booking authors as speakers at local meetings and at state and national conferences.

Organizing webinars about book-related topics. Webinars are great vehicles for promoting nonfiction books.

Setting up web sites and blogs to help promote books.

Using social media to promote books and authors. Social media marketing can be a great way to build a buzz about a book.

Here are some of the books I have marketed.

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"Sales of the books that Mary worked on were far higher than our other books."

Sarah Greber, Publicity Manager, CENGAGE Learning Corporation, Mason, Ohio