Book Marketing Articles

These book marketing articles will help you become more savvy about how to market your book, something that is essential in today's publishing environment. For example, if you've been published by a traditional publisher, you've probably discovered that the company is going to do very little to generate book sales and that what it does do will be short-lived. And, if you are publishing your book as an ebook or are working with a print-on-demand publisher, you understand that getting the word out about your book is totally up to you.

I will be posting additional articles about book marketing, so please check back periodically to see what is new. Also, if there is a specific topic you would like me to write about, click here to contact me.

If you will be planning and managing your own book marketing campaign, but you'd like to be able to benefit periodically from advice and assistance, go here to learn about my Coaching Service. This is a great resource for anyone who has a very tight budget.

Your Book Marketing Plan

Choosing a Book Publicity Firm

Questions for Book Publicists

Book Signing Success

How to Have a Successful Book Interview on TV or Radio

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