Benefits of Working with a Public Relations Agency

There are many benefits to working with a public relations (pr) agency who can help you generate publicity for your firm. Sure, you can learn how to do the same thing by reading books on the subject, attending a seminar or two, and spending time on some pr web sites and blogs. But, there are many compelling reasons not to.

Here are ten reasons why you should hire a public relations agency to help you.

1. Agency personnel have the skills and experience to objectively evaluate your business, clearly assess its strengths and weaknesses, and figure out what aspects of your business will be most newsworthy or interesting to the media. Most business owners are too close to their business to be able to make such an assessment.

2. You may not have a knack for public relations despite all the books you read on the subject, the blogs and web sites you visit and the seminars you attend.

3. Public relations agencies have relationships with the media that can benefit your business. These relationships have been developed over time.

4. PR agencies know how to craft winning pitches for the media. Well-crafted pitches are essential to your business getting the publicity it’s looking for. Also, agencies have the resources required to do all of the time-consuming media follow up that’s often required to generate publicity.

5. Agencies know the editorial deadlines associated with different publications. If you contact a newspaper or magazine after a particular deadline has passed, you will have missed out on your chance of getting attention for your business from thatprint outlet.

6. Public relations agencies are familiar with and know how to use all of the public relations tools available to generate attention for their clients. Those tools include press releases, media kits, media interviews, seminars, webinars, social media, ezines, and more.

7. PR agencies understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting media attention for their clients. If you try to handle your own PR, you'll probably end up gaining much of that knowledge the hard way -- by making mistakes. Not only could the mistakes you make cause you to miss out on publicity opportunities for your business but also, one of your mistakes could compromise the credibility of your firm in the eyes of the media.

8. Agencies are likely to come up with creative ideas to promote your business that would never occur to you.

9. As a business owner you probably wear a lot of hats, so inevitably you cannot focus all of your attention all of the time on handling public relations for your business. Therefore, you may overlook opportunities to get the word out about your business. If you hire a public relations agency however, its sole responsibility to your business will be to identify and develop public relations opportunities for it.

10. Working with a pr agency does not have to be an expensive proposition. There are capable, experienced agencies to fit everyone's budget. Generally however, smaller firms will be less expensive than large agencies.

Thinking about hiring an agency? This article provides advice about how to choose one.

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