Affordable Marketing Help

Whether you’re in start up mode, an established business, or a self published author, you may not have the money to hire a professional to plan and manage your marketing for you, especially in today’s tough economy where every dollar counts. But here’s a option for obtaining affordable marketing help: Hire a marketing coach -- an experienced marketing professional who can serve as your marketing advisor and mentor.

With the assistance of a marketing coach you can have a champagne-quality marketing program on a beer budget. Your marketing coach can help you:

• Evaluate your current marketing program, recommend changes and help you implement them

• Define and build your brand

• Establish clear and realistic marketing goals and objectives and prepare a plan of action for achieving them

• Implement your plan

• Brainstorm marketing ideas

• Pitch the media effectively

• Prepare for any media interviews you schedule

• Write cogent press releases, fact sheets, newsletters, web site copy, and the like

• Improve your web site

• Use social media more effectively

• Plan events

• Build your capacity to plan and manage your own marketing efforts. Ideally, your need for coaching assistance will diminish over time as your marketing knowledge and skills grow and your confidence increases.

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