Advantages of Ebook Publishing

If you have written a great book, there are many compelling reasons for publishing it as an ebook. Here are eight of the most important ones:

#1. First and foremost, your book will actually see the light of day. With traditional publishers publishing fewer books and increasingly reluctant to publish unproven authors or books with appeal to niche markets, it's become harder and harder to get published "the old fashioned way."

#2. Ebooks are growing in popularity with readers. In fact, it’s estimated that this year, sales of ebooks will more than triple, amounting to $966 million. Also, as a sign of their popularity, established online booksellers like and as well as a host of other online bookstores now sell e-books. Most recently, even Google got into the act by launching Google eBooks.

#3. Publishing your book as an ebook is fast and easy. You have two options for getting the job done. You can publish the book yourself or you can work with an ebook publisher. If you go the DIY route, all it takes to have a book ready for sale is to turn your finished manuscript into a PDF and post that file on your web site. (You should also copywrite your book, which is a simple process that you can accomplish online.) If you work with an ebook publisher, you’ll have to get an ISBN for your book, format your manuscript according to the publisher’s guidelines and follow instructions for submitting it to the publisher. After you do all of that, your book will be available on the publisher’s site almost instantly. Most ebook publishers will also make your book available at major online bookstores, like Amazon. And with some additional work on your part, you can format your ebook for the Kindle.

#4. It costs little or nothing to publish an ebook. If you publish your book on your own website or if you publish through a company like Smashwords, it will cost you nothing, nada! However, companies like Smashwords will take a cut of your sales.

#5. You can revise and update your ebook whenever you want. This is a very important advantage for those of you who want to publish a nonfiction book given how quickly information can become obsolete in our rapidly changing world. In contrast, if a traditional publisher publishes your book, it will decide if and when a revised edition will be published, and if the publisher decides that your book hasn’t sold “well enough,” there probably will be no revised edition.

#6. An ebook can be a great marketing tool for your business. Among other things for example, the book can provide you with opportunities to do media interviews, give speeches, and serve as a seminar panelist.

#7. An ebook is an excellent vehicle for helping put a spotlight on your knowledge and expertise, if you want to develop a higher professional profile for yourself. However, publishing your ebook is only the first step towards achieving that goal. You'll also need to promote your book via a publicity campaign, social media initiatives and other marketing efforts.

#8. If your ultimate goal is to be published by a traditional publisher, strong ebook sales record could help you land that deal.

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