Why Write a Book: Nine Great Reasons Why You Should Become an Author

There are nine great reasons why you should become an author of a book that relates to your professional expertise and to the services your business offers. In a nutshell, a book with your name on it can be a powerful marketing tool. And, it can provide your business with other benefits too.

Here are my nine great reasons:

1. A book makes you more credible and legitimate. It also gives potential clients an opportunity to become familiar with your philosophy and approach toward issues of concern to them.


2. A book sets you apart from your competition given that most of your competitors will probably not have written books. It helps distinguish your from them. When potential clients are trying to decide with whom to do business, your book can give you a competitive edge.


3. A book helps legitimize you with members of your target market. Clients and potential clients tend to be impressed by professionals who have written a book.


4. Being an author makes it easier to land media interviews and to become a local or nationally known expert, if that is one of your goals. Case in point, a client of mine used his books to become a national authority on consumer money troubles. He used the fact that important local and national media outlets had interviewed him to  attract clients and expand his business.


5. A book can create a new income stream for your business if you sell it rather than give it away. And even if it’s not a big money maker for you, given it’s other benefits, a book is a great way to build your business and enhance your reputation.


6. You can use a book to market a new service to clients and potential clients. For example, I ghosted a book on asset protection planning for an estate-planning attorney who wanted to expand that aspect of his practice and I also wrote a book for a financial planner and a lawyer who wanted to generate more business for themselves from handling collaborative divorces.

7. If you are starting a new business, a book can be a great way to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients. Assuming it is well-written, your book will provide you with credibility and make it easier for you to get noticed.


8. Writing a book can lead to speaking engagements and opportunities to be a panelist or speaker at seminars and conferences. People are more likely to want to hear you speak and to learn from you if you have written on a topic of interest to them. And, such events can be great venues for selling copies of your book


9. You can develop new opportunities for your business by building seminars and webinars, DVDs, videos and more, around your book. In other words, a book can provide you with the potential for new income streams.


Don’t have time to write a book or don’t like writing? Hire a ghostwriter. Many people with successful books have done exactly that. It really does not matter whether you write it or someone else does, having a book with your name on it has the potential to provide you and your business with eight great benefits.

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