Thanks. It's a Powerful Marketing Tool

“Thanks.” It’s a simple word, but a powerful marketing tool. Yet, it tends to be under-used. As business owners, we can be so focused on selling and delivering our products and services that we don’t take time to let our customers and clients know through our words and deeds just how much we appreciate the fact that they have chosen to spend their money with us and not with some other business. 

There are many ways to say thanks, and how you do it does not have to cost a lot or take a ton of your time. What do you do to let your customers or clients know how important they are to you? What could you do? To get you thinking, here are examples of how some of the companies I patronize in my personal life do it:

They mail handwritten thank you notes. Recently, I called a local pest control company to get rid of the raccoons that were scampering around the attic of one of my rental properties. After the problem had been resolved, I received a handwritten note from the technician who took care of it letting me know how much he appreciated my business. The fact that it was handwritten was a nice personal touch and distinguished it from the preprinted thank you notes I’ve received from other businesses.

They provide friendly escorts to the door. Whenever I visit the store where I bought my cell phone, the person who helps me walks me to the door when I am ready to leave, holds it opens for me, and says goodbye. That simple gesture always makes me feel a little special and appreciated.

They invite me to free, fun special events. Every year, my estate planning firm invites me and its other clients to three very different events: a Christmas season buffet dinner and chocolate extravaganza at an historic old home that includes live music and costumed carolers; a Spring wine and cheese tasting at a wildflower center; and a baseball game played by our local AAA professional baseball team.

They deliver cookies and ice cream to my door. The same estate planning firm delivers a box of just baked cookies and a pint of locally-made ice cream to me whenever they get a new client as a result of my recommendation.

They provide me with free pampering extras. My hair salon makes getting a cut and color a truly relaxing experience by providing offering me a free glass wine and/or fruit-infused water, giving me a head and neck massage, a lavender-scented hot towel conditioning treatment, and a hand massages. All of these extras are provided for free in a beautiful, low-key environment and there is no tip for anything.

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