PR and Marketing Articles

The pr and marketing articles you can access at this page are full of practical advice and how-to information. My goal in writing them is to share with you some of the knowledge and insights I have gained during

my nearly 30 years of experience handling public relations and marketing for clients and working in a variety of responsible marketing management positions before beginning my own business.

Public Relations

Public Relations Rules of Thumb

Pitch the Media Like a Pro

Make it Easy for Journalists to Interview You

Public Relations Mistakes

Writing a Press Release

Press Kit Pitching Advice

Making HARO Work for You

Radio and TV Interviews

How to Get Booked on a Talk Radio Show

How to Have a Great Radio Interview

TV Interview Tips

Getting Professional Help

Benefits of Working With a Public Relations Agency

Choosing a Public Relations Firm

Questions For Book Publicists


Importance of a Marketing Plan Benefits of Having a Strong Brand

Boost the Impact of Traditional Marketing Using Social Media

Ten Website Mistakes To Avoid

Go the Extra Mile With Your Marketing

Large Company Goes the Extra Mile for a Customer

Market Smarter

Affordable Marketing Help

Book Marketing

Book Signing Success

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