Media Interviews
Tips for Making the Most of Them

When you do media interviews, make the most of them by following the five tips below. The tips will help your business truly reap the benefits of your time in the spotlight.

#1. Promote your interviews ahead of time on your business’ web site. If you will be doing a radio or TV interview, let visitors to your site know when and where it will air so they can watch or listen.

#2. Use social media. Tweet about an interview. Post information about it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Mention the interview in a blog post.

#3. Post links. After you’ve done an interview, post a link to it on your web site. Depending on the kind of interview you’ve done, the link might take your clients and potential clients to a newspaper, magazine or website article where you are quoted, a radio podcast, or to a video. Also, include the link in your blog, post it on Facebook and in a Tweet, send an email with the link to your list, and include the link in your business’ enewsletter.

#4. Make copies. If you are featured prominently in an article that you know will impress your clients and potential clients, send them each a copy with a personal note from you.

#5. Feature your interviews in your press kit. If your business uses a traditional press kit, make a copy of any articles in which you are quoted (Highlight each quote.) and add the copies to your press kit. If you have an electronic press kit, make sure that it includes links to the articles. Since it’s electronic, you also add links to videos of the TV interviews you do and to podcasts of your radio interviews.

My advice comes with three important caveats, however.

First. Never promote media interviews that you don't think went well.

Second. If you need help being an effective radio or TV guest, work with a media coach.

Third. Focus on promoting the media interviews that you think are most apt to impress members of your target market -- interviews with national media and on well-known web sites for example. And, if your business is local, interviews with your local daily, on TV stations in your area, and with popular radio shows.

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