Large Company Goes the Extra Mile for a Customer

Recently, I wrote a blog entitled Going the Extra Mile with Your Marketing, which discussed why it’s important to let your clients know that they really matter by going the extra mile for them. I illustrated my point by describing how two small business in my city do that. This weekend I was pleasantly surprised to experience that same level of extra effort from a large telecommunications company that I don’t normally think of as being especially customer-oriented.

On Saturday, I called the company’s customer service line because I was trying to help my newly widowed mother resolve a billing problem – the sort of problem my father always took care of. After being shuffled from one person to another for a while, I ended up with a customer service representative who was truly committed to understanding the problem my mother was having and getting it worked out. To do that, the customer service representative iniated a conference call so she could talk with my mother, who lives in CT and with me, who lives in Texas, at the same time.

Once the representative clearly understood the problem, she left my mother and I to chat on the line while she got in a queue for help from a different department. While she was in the queue, she reported back to use periodically regarding what was going on and eventually she patched into the call a representative from the other department. When he explained the reason for the charge my mother was questioning, the customer service representative told him that my mother should not have to pay it and when he disagreed, the representative politely got him off the line and told my mother and I what she would do to make things right. She explained that although she did not have the authority to cancel the charge in question and so my mother would have to pay it, she would give my mother a credit on her next month’s bill for the amount of the charge. After she confirmed that we were happy with her solution, the representive she said she would get off the phone so my mother and I could chat again at our leisure.

The way the customer service representative handled my mother’s problem left both of us feeling very positive about the telecommunications firm and so I doubt that my mother will be switching to a different firm anytime soon. It’s another example of the fact that in fact little things do mean a lot. By going the extra mile and treating my mother as a valued customer, the customer service representative helped secure the relationship between her employer and my mother.

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