Patience Please! It Takes Time to Build a National Reputation as An Expert

If you want to build a national reputation as an expert in your field and become a resource for top tier national media, don’t make the mistake that many people with your same goal do. That mistake is to hire a pr firm to help you and when you don’t see instant results, to start all over with a new one. Of course, this advice assumes that you carefully vetted the firm you are currently working with to ensure that it has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goal (Not every firm does); that the firm did not promise you the moon (Some will to get your business); and that the firm has spelled out what it will do for you in a well-thought-out, logical plan of action.

Public relations firms are not miracle workers and so they cannot make you an overnight success. In fact, run from any firm that claims it can. Getting noticed by top tier national media is a gradual process that usually takes a year or longer unless you’ve got something very special and unique to offer.

More often than not, your quest for attention from those media will begin by your doing interviews with local media, interviews with some lower tier national TV and radio perhaps, interviews with online media and maybe by your writing articles for a web site or two. Each of these opportunities represents a chance for you to demonstrate that you are informed, articulate and have interesting things to say. Overtime, they will help you build your credibility and a track record of success, which should lead eventually to more high profile interviews as well as times when the media actually call you looking for a quote or interview.

When you are consistent, when you provide the media with quality interviews and content, when you maintain a realistic perspective about the value of your experience and expertise relative to all of the other professionals just like you who are also vying for their moments in the media spotlight, and when you hire a qualfied pr firm that is willing to got to bat for you, you’ll get results. I have seen it happen time after time.

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