I Write Books

I write books and I am ready to write yours.

If you are like many business owners I've worked with, your book is little more than a dream right now. Maybe because you never find the time to work on it or because you lack confidence as a writer. I can turn that dream into a reality for you.

Do you want to write a book to help market your business? Do you want to use your book as a vehicle for becoming a recognized expert in your field -- someone that members of the media turn to when they want a quote on a topic related to your area of expertise?

I've ghostwritten or co-authored 21 nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics including consumer credit and debt, money problems, money management, consumer and business bankruptcy, divorce, consumer law, estate planning, small business management, asset protection planning, and more. Four of the books are part of the popular For Dummies series and another books was published with the respected Kiplinger's name in its title. I've also written a number of e-books.

Some of my books were on business book bestseller lists.

I can write your book from start to finish, or I can edit and polish what you've written. I can also:

Prepare a written book proposal. If your goal is to sell your book to a traditional book publishing company, you will need a detailed proposal that describes your book chapter-by-chapter, among other things.

Help you pursue self publishing. I have ebook publishing and print-on-demand publishing experience.

Plan and implement a marketing campaign for your book. My years of experience marketing books

using publicity and events can help sell your book.

Get in touch if you'd like to talk about how I can help you become a published author!

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"Mary Reed is a wonderful writer/editor who has helped me with a number of writing projects that I could not find the time to complete on my own. If you want to write YOUR BOOK, Mary can make it happen!"

Brad Wiewel, Owner, The Wiewel Law Firm, Austin, Texas