EBook Publishing

Ebook publishing is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to publish your book and a great alternative to working with a traditional book publishing company. As a result, a growing number of aspiring authors and business professionals are embracing ebooks (also known as electronic books).

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I can help you turn your ebook idea into a reality. For example, I can:

Ghost write your ebook. To date, I have ghosted or co-authored 21 nonfiction books, including 4 books in the popular ...for Dummies series.

Some of the books I've written have become best sellers.

Help you understand the pros and cons of ebook publishing.

Guide you through the ebook publishing process.

Plan and manage your book marketing campaign. No matter how great your book is and regardless of how it gets published, you'll sell few if any copies if you don't market it effectively.

I have more than 25 years of book marketing experience.

Help you use your ebook as a platform for becoming a recognized expert. If you want to become someone the media talks to when they want to interview someone about a subject that's related to your area of expertise writing a book on the subject is a great way to achieve that goal, not to mention an effective way to promote your business.

* If you would like a soft or hardcover book rather than an electronic book, I can help you write a written proposal to try to interest a traditional book publishing company in buying your book or I can help you choose a print-on-demand publisher to work with.

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