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I hired Mary's firm to promote me in the media as a global financial expert and she has been highly successful in her endeavors. She is highly committed to her work and is extremely responsive to my needs as they emerge. She is always open to communication and offers 110% of herself to me. For anyone who is seeking a highly skilled, productive and committed public relations firm, I HIGHLY recommend Mary's firm. You will never be disappointed.

Phil Cioppa, Global Financial Expert, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Arbol Financial Strategies, LLC

Working with Mary Reed has been a blessing. My business is very successful, but there has always been a missing piece. Once I began working with Mary, I realized that she was that missing piece. She has provided me with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my marketing needs are being taken care of. Now, I am free to focus on other areas of my business.

Mary is incredibly professional and smart as a whip. She always does what she says she will do when she says she’ll do it, is able to take the ball and run with it, and has tremendous media contacts that I have been able to benefit from. Mary also has high expectations for herself as a public relations and marketing professional and everything she delivers is of the highest quality.

Karen McCall, Founder and Owner of the Financial Recovery Institute, Petaluma, CA

Having been introduced to Mary Reed Public Relations by a trusted business associate, I felt I was going to be in good hands. However, nothing could have prepared me for the high level of attention and commitment I received from Mary Reed.

She immediately took a keen interest in Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) and quickly recognized that my firm was not receiving the amount of media attention it should for its unique business model and philosophy. It was not long before I was doing interviews with national radio and print about CRN's consumer friendly and ethical debt settlement services.

Although initially I hired Mary to plan and implement a single PR project, I continue working with her even though that project is long over. I sincerely doubt that I could find a PR professional who is more fairly priced and who delivers better results than Mary. I totally trust her commitment to helping me build the CRN brand.

Michael Bovee, Founder and President, Consumer Recovery Network

Mary is a fantastic professional who consistently over-delivers. In my experience with her, she has delivered on every promise, met every deadline, represented our company well, and was tenacious in her follow-up with the media. I highly recommend Mary.

Ryan Page, Managing Partner, Shared Success,
Newport Beach, CA

Mary is a real marketing and public relations pro, and when she is dealing with words it's like a great musician playing a virtuoso piece perfectly, effortlessly and with great power and simplicity.

Mary is very smart and has incredible patience. Working with her gives me a sense of security that my business will succeed. For example, she is always thinking about the next steps I need to take in terms of my marketing, and as her client, it's obvious she's looking much further ahead than just the immediate next step.

I have great trust in Mary and without her I would be lost in the world of marketing. Also, I value the amount of personal attention she gives to me and my business, her flexibility and her responsiveness to my needs and schedule not to mention the joy she brings to her work.

Miriam Ross, founder and owner of Miriam Ross Academy,
Vienna, Austria

Mary Reed is a wonderful writer/editor who has helped me with a number of writing projects that I could not find the time to complete on my own. If you want to write YOUR BOOK, Mary can make it happen!"

Brad Wiewel, Owner, The Wiewel Law Firm, Austin, Texas

Mary joined the TEXAS MONTHLY staff in January 1982 as a research coordinator. That September she was promoted to publicity manager, a role she played with ever-increasing skill until Mary left the magazine in May 1985.

Mary is smart, one of those rare types to whom you could give an instruction book on neurosurgery, she’d read the book, figure it out, and do it, and do it well.

Levy’s Law of Life 33-C: Nobody ever died from using common sense.” Mary has it.

Creative. Very.

A people person. Absolutely, positively.

We all have our good points and our bad ones, our pluses and our minuses. That is everyone except Mary, who truly represents “The Best of the Best”.

Michael R. Levy, Founder, TEXAS MONTHLY

I have been working with Mary Reed for 12 years. Mary's marketing services were instrumental in helping me build a successful four-office consumer bankruptcy practice in South Texas and her public relations and ghostwriting services helped me become a nationally-known bankruptcy and consumer law attorney who is quoted regularly in the media as well as a best-selling author. Her ideas, persistence, media contacts, attention to details, integrity and follow through have been key to my success. I can’t recommend her enough.

John Ventura, Former Owner, Law Offices of John Ventura and Director of Texas Consumer Complaint Center, University of Houston Law School, Houston, Texas

Entrepreneur Media retained Mary Reed to promote one of my books and she did an outstanding job. She was totally professional and a pleasure to work with. At the same time, she aggressively pursued a wide range of media opportunities and was thorough in preparing me for each one she set up. She knows her business and does it exceptionally well.

Jacquelyn Lynn, E-Bay Expert and Author, Goldenrod, FL

Mary took on our business book publicity projects with ease. I always had complete confidence that she knew who to contact and what to say to promote our books. Mary marketed them to the right people, had great follow-up techniques, and was successful in arranging interview opportunities and print attention for our authors. Sales of the books that Mary worked on were far higher than our other books.

Sarah Greber, Publicity Manager, CENGAGE Learning Corporation, Mason, OH

I co-authored a book with Mary Reed titled Stop Debt Collectors: How to Protect Your Rights and Resolve Your Debts. She was a true pleasure to work with! She's a great writer, has a keen eye for detail and accuracy, and really understands how to make complicated consumer information easy to understand.

Gerri Detweiler, National Authority On Consumer Credit & Credit.Com Expert, Sarasota, FL

You're doing a GREAT job! It's so refreshing...thanks for your efforts.

Leanne Harvey, Marketing Director, Entrepreneur Media,
Irvine, CA

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