Being the Author of a Nonfiction Book Can Be Great for Business

Being the author of a nonfiction book that's related to your area/s of expertise can be a great marketing tool for your business, regardless of whether you write it yourself or hire someone to write it for you. For example, your book can:

Enhance your credibility as a professional.

Make it easier for you to land interviews with the media.

Open the door to speaking opportunities.

Generate invitations for you to write articles and columns for publications and websites read by members of your target audience.

Provide topics for webinars or traditional seminars.

Generate new revenues for your business assuming you sell the book on your website, at or other online bookstores, or even in brick and mortar stores.

Impress your clients and potential clients.

You can also use your book as a thank you gift for your existing clients, and as a giveaway to potential clients that showcases your knowledge and perspectives and helps demonstrate why they should work with you. Your book can also underscore your expertise with professionals who are in a position to refer clients to you.

Over the years, I’ve seen numerous clients use their books to cement their professional reputations and move onto the national stage as frequently interviewed experts. Other clients have used their books to generate additional business and to take their firms in new directions.

Okay, you may be convinced that being the author of a nonfiction book would be a great thing for your business, but if you are like many aspiring business owner-authors, you may be scratching your head wondering exactly what your book should be about. That’s why I’ve prepared the following set of questions. Answering them should  help you hone in on the right subjects and slants when you’ve got your sights set on being the author of a nonfiction book.

• What are your professional areas of expertise?

• Are there topics related to those areas that you believe people ought to know more about?

• Do members of your target audience have commonly held misconceptions that your book could debunk?

• What issues are your clients most worried about?

• What common mistakes do you see them make that your book could help them avoid?

• What are the biggest problems your clients face and what information could you provide in your book to help them avoid those problems or deal with them more effectively?

• Are there areas of your business that you would like to expand or new areas you would like to move into? What could you write about that would help you accomplish that goal?

• What kinds of book have others in your same profession written and what can you offer that is better or different? Are there important topics that these other books overlook or do not cover thoroughly enough?

• Do you have a unique angle or perspective on issues that would be of interest and value to your target market?

Want to become the author of a nonfiction book, but need help? Contact me.

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