Marketing for Financial Advisors, Law Firm Marketing, Marketing for Authors and More...

Looking for a seasoned marketing professional with years of experience in any of these areas: marketing for financial advisors or for other financial experts, law firm marketing, or marketing for authors? Let's talk!

I've also provided marketing assistance and advice to small businesses operating in a wide range of other fields as well. And, I am an experienced nonfiction ghost writer.

Creative, hard-working, hands-on, pragmatic, and service-oriented, I am ready to use all of my small business marketing services and knowledge to help you succeed in today's challenging environment. For example, I can:

Generate local and national publicity about you and your business. My clients have been interviewed by many high profile media -- magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and online media. The media outlets highlighted to the right are just a few of them.

Prepare and implement a marketing plan for your business. A written plan that reflects the right marketing mix for your business is essential to success.

Help you become a recognized expert in your field. Members of the media turn to recognized experts when they want to interview individuals who are especially knowledgeable about specific topics. Becoming a recognized expert is a great way for you to enhance your professional reputation and visibility and build your business.

Write copy for your website, blog or e-newsletter. Many busy professionals never find the time to write despite their best intentions, while others don't like to write or may not be good at it.

Plan and promote your special events. Sponsoring a special event with appeal to your target audience can be an effective way to promote a business, but organizing an event tends to be time-consuming with a lot of details to juggle at once.

Pitch you to associations, community groups and conferences as a speaker or panelist.

Serve as your marketing sounding board. I am available to listen to your marketing concerns and suggest options for addressing them. I can also brainstorm marketing ideas and solutions with you.

Here are a few other ways I can help you succeed:

Be your ghostwriter. I can write books as well as newspaper and magazine articles in your name. To date, I've ghost written or co-authored 21 nonfiction books, including 4 in the popular ...for Dummies series. Some of these books made bestseller lists. Check out this review of Managing Debt for Dummies, a book I co-authored with a bankruptcy attorney.

Help get your book published. I have experience with traditional publishing, e book publishing and print-on-demand (POD)publishing.

Publicize your book. If you want your book to sell, you've got to let people know about it. I've got years of experience marketing books, by scheduling authors, planning social media campaigns and arranging book signings and other events.

I am based in Austin, TX, but I've worked with clients all over the U.S. and in other countries too, including Canada, England, Australia, and even Iraq. No matter where you are located, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch by clicking on the Contact Me tab to the left.

Mary Reed public relations

“Mary Reed is one of the best-kept secrets in PR. Those clients who are lucky enough to find and work with her will learn why. She's professional, efficient, great to work with, and committed to excellence. A lot of PR professionals may use those adjectives to describe themselves, but with Mary they’re what you actually get. And, I've seen her get amazing results!”

Gerri Detweiler, nationally-known credit expert, author and radio host